The Git client Tower launches it's first V3 public Beta with various new features.  

Here are the some of the features in Git client Tower

  • Pull Requests - User can create, merge, close, comment and inspect Pull Requests right from within Tower.
  • Interactive Rebase -  a powerful way to rewrite the history of a repository
  • Quick Actions - Be more productive through using your keyboard. Here are some examples: 
    • Give it a branch name (or parts of it) and it will offer to do a checkout.
    • Give it a file name and it will offer to show it in the File History.
  • Search - Now search for files almost anywhere: in the Working Copy, in a historic file tree etc. of a commit.

There are many cool features in the new V3 public Beta release. The Git client Tower is free to try for both macOS and Windows.

Browse all the new features and usage in the release.