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Robots.txt is a simple ".txt" file on the site which tells how to crawl pages or directories of the website. The robots.txt file defines the Robots Exclusion standard for a website. Learn more about web robots and how to use them properly.

CSS filter functions with example

A detailed tutorial with example to learn how to use CSS filter functions.

how to create custom child theme in Magento

A step by step tutorial to create custom child theme in Magento.

Laravel Eloquent Relationships

Laravel Eloquent ORM has built in relationships that allows us to not only manipulate one table in database, but also we can manage all related data easily. Let's learn how to do it.

Bootstrap typography tutorial with examples

Bootstrap comes with predefined classes to arrange, align, highlight and to format the content of web-pages. We will learn how those typography classes are used for formatting the page content properly.

Get WordPress XML RSS feed and display on any page out of the WordPress.

Learn responsive website design with CSS3 Media Queries

Learn to create responsive website using media queries. A step by step guide with examples to master the technique of responsive website.

PHP built-in array functions

PHP has great built in support for array to work with. There are numerous array and string functions – like array_chunk, array_combine, array_filter, array_reverse, compact etc. Learn more in details.

15 helpful jQuery methods and functions

jQuery has many predefined important and useful functions to manipulate the DOM, perform animations and dealing with events easily. Let's browse some useful functions which often comes handy.

Learn how to use database migrations, schema building and database seeding in Laravel. These features can be very useful in project where changes may be frequent and you try to manage the project in a quick run.

PHP math functions

Browse all important PHP math function at one place with examples. We have summarized important math functions like log, max, min, rand, trigonometric, algebraic etc.

Laravel Eloquent ORM

Laravel Eloquent is a powerful ORM that uses Active Record Pattern which is a technique to wrap database into objects. By using eloquent, we can present data stored in a database table as class, and records as objects.

How to set up virtual Host on Wamp Server - Windows

Set up virtual Host on Wamp Server is very easy. But first we will look why it is beneficial to set up virtual host.

Easy and ready to use code snippets which allow to Select and copy the texts in single click using JQuery.

How to install Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open source PHP framework, which is created by Taylor Otwell. We all know that developing a whole website from scratch can be very difficult. You have to think all complicated logic by yourself. Fortunately, Laravel has saved us! Start exploring the best of all frameworks - Laravel.

Install composer dependency manager in Windows - Step by step guide

The Composer Dependency Manager is very helpful when you need to install PHP-related frameworks, for example PHPUnit or Behat test frameworks or Laravel PHP Framework. It’s very easy and takes few steps to install Composer on your windows system.

WordPress Login Customization

We all are familiar how the default WordPress login page look like. As you have learnt to customize WordPress using child Theme, you may be interested to customize the default WordPress Login page too.

As we have learned to create a child theme in WordPress we may require some important work around to customize the child theme further. In this post, we are adding very useful and important functions for WordPress.

Creating featured product slider on homepage - Magento

Featured product act as CTA button for any ecommerce website. In magento, we can easily create our custom featured product slider on Magento homepage. Follow these easy step by step tutorial and get your custom featured product slider right away.

Classes and Objects in PHP - Basic Introduction

Let’s take look at how it goes to create classes and objects in PHP in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) style. PHP was not meant to be an object oriented language earlier but to build a really big Web Application, definitely you need OOP.

17 Carefully Hand-picked Free Google Fonts

Not sure which fonts you should use for Title, Headings and Paragraph? Check these free Google Fonts for you next project. Browse the all time popular these 17 free google fonts and boost the productivity of your site.

3D Text Effect Using CSS3

Easy steps for Creating 3D effect using CSS3.

$_SESSION is a special array used to store information across the page requests a user makes during his visit to your website or web application.

Gzip Compression is used to compress data before delivering it to user. This can compress your HTML, CSS, JS by 70% before loading it. Let's dig deeper on How to use the power of GZIP Compression for speed up you website.

Nesting in Sass - Best approach

Learn about the Nesting in Sass. Best approach to Nesting Selectors.

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