Neomorphism or soft UI is a new trend getting popular among UI developers in the year 2020.

What is Neomorphism or soft UI?

Neuromorphic UI is simple yet eye-catching. It is a combination of solid color with shadows. The elements are raised shapes having the exact same color as the background.

A beautiful example of Neuromorphic UI by Oleksii Nikonov

Neomorphism UI by Oleksii Nikonov

Let's dig more.

The concept of Neomorphism

A flat-designed card element filled with the same color as in background (or may have a very little dark background) with two shadows; the shadow from the top left of the element is set to light, and the bottom right has a dark shadow.

Altogether, the final element looks like extruded from the background. The element feels elevated and drops the shadows.

Few more examples

Deposit Calculation by Stepan