Neomorphism or soft UI is a new trend getting popular among UI developers in the year 2020.

What is Neomorphism or soft UI?

Neuromorphic UI is simple yet eye-catching. It is a combination of solid color with shadows. The elements are raised shapes having the exact same color as the background.

A beautiful example of Neuromorphic UI by Oleksii Nikonov

Neomorphism UI by Oleksii Nikonov

Let's dig more.

The concept of Neomorphism

A flat-designed card element filled with the same color as in background (or may have a very little dark background) with two shadows; the shadow from the top left of the element is set to light, and the bottom right has a dark shadow.

Altogether, the final element looks like extruded from the background. The element feels elevated and drops the shadows.

Few more examples

Deposit Calculation by Stepan

Deposit Calculation by Stepan


Sign up app mockup by Meikhel Batara

Sign up app mockup by Meikhel-Batara

So, if you find this UI concept compelling and want to use, there is a tool built for you. 

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