Veutify, a matierial UI framework built with Vue. 

Vuetify is a semantic component framework for Vue. It aims to provide clean, semantic and reusable components that make building your application a breeze.

Build amazing applications with the power of Vue and Material Design and a massive library of beautifully crafted components. Created according to Google's Material Design Spec.

Vuetify supports all modern browsers, including IE11 and Safari 9+.

Ready-Made Project Scaffolding

Vuetify comes ready to go with 8 pre-made vue-cli templates. From simple html to full-blown SSR you are ready to go in minutes.

Semantic Material Components

Be prepared for an armada of specialized components at your disposal. With over 80 in total, there is a solution for any application.

View the project on vuetifyjs/vuetify - Github or go to the documentation.