In this tutorial, we will learn to install Sass on windows. It is quite easy.

Sass is CSS preprocessor. Sass makes easy to write CSS using variables, loops, functions, nesting etc. We will learn more about the how to write Sass in next tutorials.

First thing first. Windows don't come with preinstalled Ruby. You need to download Ruby on your machine. Just download the Ruby and install it.

After installing Ruby open Command Prompt (press windows key and type cmd-> Start Command Prompt with Ruby).


So let’s get going.
Type the command to install the Sass.

gem install sass

Once the installation is done, you may check the version of sass using command-

sass –v

Now create a directory in your wamp/xamp and name it and enter. Assuming you named the folder “learning-sass “. Create CSS folder inside the directory. Then create a simple file with extension .scss . ie; style.scss using any text editor. Yes! Sass files have extension .scss (stands for Sassy CSS).

That’s it. You are done and ready to write Sass.

If you have any issue, let us know in the comment box.