Laravel is an open source PHP framework, which is created by Taylor Otwell. We all know that developing a whole website from scratch can be very complex sometimes. There can be many potential bugs, and you have to think all complicated logic by yourself. Fortunately, Laravel is here! Many developers around the globe are using its beautiful, clean code to create their great web applications.

You can start to build a new Laravel application in few minutes. There are two methods to install Laravel.

  1. Using Composer
  2. Using Laravel Installer

Method 1: Composer

To create new Laravel app using Composer then you have to install composer first.

To know how to install Composer, you can follow this link: - How to install Composer dependency manager on Windows

Now to create a new app using Composer, execute the following command in the terminal on windows cmd.

  cd www  
  composer create-project laravel/laravel learnLaravel --prefer-dist  

Now in the above command, we go to our www directory using cd command, then we let the composer do all the work. It will take a moment to install the Laravel. It will create a folder naming learnLaravel into this www directory, it’s your new Laravel web application.

Method 2: Laravel installer

It is also very easy to create a new app using Laravel installer. Just execute the following command into your terminal or windows cmd.

  cd www  
  laravel new learnLaravel  

After the successful installation, you can run this app on the browser. In case you don’t use WAMP or XAMPP then you can use: - php artisan serve command into terminal or windows cmd.

Now it requires some php and apache modules to be enabled like

  1. php_openssl
  2. php_curl
  3. php_socket
  4. ssl_module

So please make sure these settings are enabled in your php.ini and apache module.

For further reference visit Laravel documention