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Responsive web design shorten as RWD is an approach to design the webpages for wide range of devices and resolutions. Learn responsive web design and browse ready to use code snippets.

Browse important tools and tutorials for backend. stay updated with the latest backend development trends, browse useful tools and tutorials at CodeRomeos.

Magento is leading and best e-commerce platform for setting up online store. Learn easy tutorials on Magento theme creation, Magento theme customization, module development, widgets and CMS, Products and categories setup, and important 'how to'.

Browse free resources for front-end web designing. stay updated with the latest front-end web trends, browse useful tools and resources for Front-end designers.

Browse important ready to use codes snippets for all your development and design work. Explore code snippets on CSS, HTML, JQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, SASS, Laravel, Ajax, .Net etc.

.htaccess (stand for Hypertext Access) is a great role player in the process of optimizing and tweaking websites conditionally.! Let’s dig the .htaccess file and its power.

HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE shortened as HTML widely used for creating webpages. HTML contains predefined TAGs for all kind of web-page formatting. Tags in HTML specify the behavior and format of content(text, images etc.) inside it.

Bootstrap : is a HTML, CSS and JavaScript base framework which focus on responsive mobile-ready website design. It contains pre-defined and designed classes and IDs which can be directly used in webpages to design them. Bootstrap Framework is easy to use

JQuery is open-source cross-platform JavaScript library widely used for DOM manipulation, event handling, animation etc. Let's start learning the most famous client-side scripting library.

PHP - very powerful server-side scripting and programming language for web development.There are number of popular frameworks based on PHP and widely used for dynamic websites. Browse PHP tutorials, coding standards and browse ready to use PHP scripts for your website.

Sass is CSS preprocessor. Sass makes easy to write CSS using variables, loops, functions, nesting etc. Sass is really Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet. Its fun to code, easy to implement, fast and efficient. Browse all useful tutorials on Sass.

WordPress is free, website content-management system (CMS) developed in PHP and MYSQL. WordPress is widely use for blogging and CMS-based websites. Thousand of free Plugins and Themes are developed by developers for WordPress.

Laravel- A PHP Framework For Web Artisans. Start learing the most popular open-source and free application framework. We all know that developing a website from scratch can be very difficult. There can be many potential bugs, and you have to think all complicated logic by yourself. Fortunately, Laravel has saved us!

Cascading Style sheet - is used for designing webpages. CSS is responsible for look and feel of webpages. We use Selectors for selecting specific tags and rulsets for their appearance. CSS3 is the latest version which gives more power to design the pages.

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