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using variables in Sass

Sass is a powerful preprocessor. We can define variable in Sass as we define in programming languages like PHP, JavaScript etc. In this post we will learn how to use variables and naming them efficiently in Sass.

Set browser caching using .htaccess. This will tell the browser to ..

Bootstrap Tutorial - step by step

In this tutorial we will learn about the famous fluid front-end framework - Bootstrap.

PHP implode and explode functions are very easy to use. In this tutorial we will learn how to do it. Let’s check it out.

Looping over multidimensional array.

Learn how to sort array in PHP.

Creating child theme in WordPress - step by step

WordPress keeps releasing updates frequently. It is recommended to stay updated with the latest release to keep the WordPress base websites secure and safe.

In the previous post, we have learned how to install Sass on windows in simple steps. This is a very basic Sass tutorial for beginners on how to setup and write...

Install Sass on windows step by step

Sass is CSS preprocessor. Sass makes easy to write CSS using variables, loops, functions, nesting etc. In this article, We will learn to install Sass on windows in easy ...

Creating a beautiful CSS3 Button

Design matters. If you have interest and passion for front-end designing you have a lot to learn and experiment. We will use pseudo classes to make our button effective. Lets have a look what we are up-to.

Creating Full Width Rotated Divs Using CSS3

These simple yet stylish DIVs can be used for styling the Heading tags, Title of content or simply wrapping the contents inside it. It’s up to you where you like to use them.

Syntax: $result = condition ? expression1 : expression2;

The basic need of the .htaccess is to enable you to redirect your website viewer to custom error pages (termed as 404 ) . Let’s have an example to understand why we need it.

As we have discussed various type of redirection earlier, this time we will learn the most important aspect of redirection for SEO point of view – 301 redirection which means the file or folder

There must be a solid reason to do this. By using the little code below, we..

.htaccess is a great role player in the process of optimizing and tweaking websites conditionally.! Let’s dig the .htaccess file and its power.

First of all.. Why we need to float div.? That’s the question and answer is quite simple. You want two column as in below image then you need to float divs. Apart from that, designing horizontal menus using divs or ul / li, can be floated to get it arranged..

Drop-down menu can be achieved by many ways. We have used list for creating drop-down menu. Let's see how to design a three level drop-down navigation. First the HTML struc...

PHP - Mail function for urgent and high priority

Sending emails using php is not a big deal. But there may be some brain hounding thoughts in your mind for sending the emails on High Priority and Urgent Basis as well.! So below is the..

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